An Answer to Help Students Finish High School

While teaching in a high poverty school and giving students the best education I can with the resources provided , I still wonder if most students will succeed in the midst of their home life with all of its habits and distractions. I have often thought the only way to ensure achievement is to place them in a boarding school atmosphere with the 24-hour support of dedicated professionals to influence good social and educational habits. This is something that also This is an area I have been pondering ever since I watched Waiting for Superman–the documentary. In Washington D.C. and Maryland, charter boarding schools have been developed for under privileged students called SEED schools. These schools have a 91% graduation rate with 95% of these students enrolling in college within 18 months of their graduation. Students who attend these schools are three times as likely to graduate college as their peers from the same neighborhoods. Compare this to a 1998 study done in which only 71% of ALL public school students privileged and underprivileged in the U.S. graduated high school. Since the SEED school concept has shown such a high success rate, the are wanting to spread the SEED schools to other states. If you would like to learn more about the SEED schools or request a SEED school be started in your area you may contact the SEED foundation.

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