5 Double Personality Traits that are Easy to Recognize

The term multiple personalities is a term for people who have more than one personality. Multiple personalities is a disorder that occurs in the personality and generally makes the sufferer have two different personalities even more. This personality disorder is often also called dissociative identity disorder (GID). Each of the personalities he possesses has characteristics and memories that are quite specific and are in the same body. (read also: How to become an adult person)

Even in some cases, substitute personalities can show EEG recordings, pupillary examinations, allergic reactions, and others that are different from each other. If someone suffers from multiple personalities, of course, it can endanger both themselves and those around them.

For this reason, it is important to know the characteristics of multiple personality traits in order to anticipate unwanted events. Here are some traits of multiple personality traits that you can find out. (read also: Understanding Empathy According to Experts)

1. Having Two Or More Different Consciousness

The most characteristic feature of people who suffer from multiple personalities is that they have a different awareness in each time, place and condition. Maybe they will not be aware of the different attitudes and traits, but for those around them, they can clearly see the difference.

Not only have different awareness, but people with this disorder also have 2 or more different personalities. Each of these personalities has a different mindset, character, way of speaking, age, race, even gender, even though they are in the same individual. (read also: How to Change Yourself to Be Better)

2. Often not aware of the things he does

Because having two different personalities, of course, causes sufferers often forget and are not aware of things that have been done. Of course, this is because the things he did might have been done before with other identities in the sufferer. This unconsciousness is not caused by amnesia disorders but due to the problem of identity disorder that they experienced.

3. Experiencing Time Distortion

Multiple personality sufferers often experience time distortions so that they often do not know and are aware of the current time. They often confuse certain important hours, days, dates and days. But this memory is not at all affected by amnesia or memory loss.
4. Have a deep sense of trauma

Many cases where people who have a history of multiple personality disorders also have a history of previous trauma, both physically and emotionally. This is because this psychiatric disorder arises from the sufferer who feels he does not want to be himself who has experienced a strong and deep trauma. So that the intention arises unconsciously to bring up new characters in him.
5. Often Experiencing Unreasonable Pain

Multiple personality sufferers often feel physical pain without even knowing the cause. This pain is experienced because it moves to move the personality and character. Usually, you will feel tired or have a great headache when your personality changes.

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