8 Ways to Educate 3-Year-Olds to Be Smart and Active

The human process is indeed very long, starting from the fetus in the stomach to old age and also died. Children are the stages of all humans wherein the process they seek knowledge and various information related to things they have just known. The children’s process itself has been divided into several stages to make it easier and clearer and to classify traits, characters, ways of learning and how to educate them.

Well, the age of 3 years is the process of children who are most often and most easily faced with vulnerable things. Where children aged 3 years have been able to process information themselves but have not fully understood and have not been able to distinguish whether the thing that the child is doing is good or not.

Generally, 3-year-olds can walk and speak fluently. The 3-year-old is also trying to enrich the vocabulary he has. But what is the right way to educate children aged 3 years?

As parents, you should develop vocabulary and sentence variations to your child by telling or describing an object so that he can easily absorb the words you convey, for example telling about the food he eats, about the type of toys he plays, telling stories about family members, various professions, or tell stories in stories.

1). See Main Needs

If there is an error, it is wrong for parents who cannot meet their needs, including children aged 3 years. Children who are 3 years old have not been able to determine whether their main needs or priorities are, so parents are required to prepare. However, that does not mean you must always be spoiled. 3-year-olds should be able to see a minimum of simple needs such as eating a spoon or something else.

2). Give a break

In children aged 3 years, teaching how and when the right time to rest is very important. That way they understand when to rest when they can still play without having to be fussy or troublesome to their parents. Not infrequently children aged 3 years are still fussy like babies even though they only want to drink or sleep and rest.

3). Important religious knowledge

3-year-olds may not know what verses and meanings of a book are. But the age of 3 years can be accustomed to and applied to the science of religion, which is often not taught by most parents. Though children aged 3 years are still simple in knowing religion, such as praying before eating, how to pray before going to bed and others.

4). Ethics is the main thing

Ethics is the main thing that must be applied because ethics is important and often underestimated. Ethics also often explains where the child and the family are. So that ethics can be an indirect identity.

5). Teach exercise

exercise is something that may not need to be done by children aged 3 years because they have been active in using physical activities more than parents. But exercise can be a good and positive habit to adopt a healthy lifestyle without having to tell or tell or force it because you are used to it.

6). How to dress well

A good way to dress can be taught at the age of 3 years. Not infrequently parents still allow 3-year-olds to not wear full clothes due to sweltering, or maybe use short clothing because they are still small. In fact, the good dressing must be a habit since childhood, including the age of 3 years.

7). How to speak correctly

Often hear 5-year-olds still slurred or talk difficult? why did this happen? actually, this event could be the effect of children who experience problems when speaking in their lower ages. Those who can speak well but deliberately slurred and are tolerated will cause habits and eventually difficulty speaking properly.

8). Invite games with different levels

Children will love playing, but for the age of 3 does the game always have to be fun and entertaining? in fact not too. Where children aged 3 years can rebel and also break the rules, parents must be able to educate children aged 3 years in different ways.

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